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About XBureau

XBureau is a creative agency based in Southern California and founded by Ivan Torres, that focuses on developing creative interactive experiences and representing and promoting leading talents in the world of visual arts.

What We Do

Creative Agency

XBureau services include: creative direction, branding, developing digital experiences, websites, web and mobile application, projection mapping, sound design, logotypes, illustrations and murals.

What We Do

Artist Management

XBureau merges its capabilities as an interactive agency and years of experience in advertising to promote and launch the careers of some of the leading talents in the world of visual arts.

About XBureau

Ivan Torres

As the founder of XBureau, creative director, information architect, illustrator, and muralist Ivan Torres does not just look at the finished product, but sets out to construct a complete artistic, innovative, and immersive experience. Through his diverse professional background in the arts, Ivan takes a holistic approach to all of his projects to create innovative, informative, and entertaining user experiences.

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About XBureau

Books & Interviews

Ivan's unique and breakthrough artworks, designs and techniques, have been published in several different books as well as commissioned by reputable institutions such as the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. Here are some of Ivan's past projects and publications:


Book Cover


Interior Page


The Illustrator CS2 Wow! Book
By Sharon Steuer


The Illustrator CS Wow! Book
By Sharon Steuer


The Illustrator 10 Wow! Book
By Sharon Steuer


The Illustrator 9 Wow! Book
By Sharon Steuer


The Illustrator 8 Wow! Book
By Sharon Steuer


Real World Illustrator CS2
By Mordy Golding

Designing a Digital Portfolio

Designing a Digital Portfolio
By Cynthia Baron

About XBureau

XBureau Client List

Over the years, Ivan has developed projects for a wide range of industries including profesional sports, museums, technology, real estate, transportation and residential consumer products.

The following is a partial list of present and past clients: