Ingram Micro Lobby Installation

The Ingram Micro lobby installation at their Irvine, California headquarters is an interactive experience consisting of a podium with a hand tracking device that allows users to direct a story projected on a large screen.

Ingram Lobby


  1. The hand sensor placed on top of the podium detects motion
  2. The information is transmitted to a laptop inside the podium
  3. A custom application translate the motion in the context of the story
  4. The experience is displayed on a large screen mounted on the wall
  5. The experience plays different sounds depending on the position of the hand
Ingram Lobby


XBureau - Ingram Lobby 1

Ingram Lobby 1

XBureau - Ingram Lobby 2

Ingram Lobby 2

XBureau - Ingram Lobby 3

Ingram Lobby 3