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XBureau Projects

The following are some of the projects developed by XBureau and our feature artists.

XBureau services include creative direction, branding and development of:

  • digital experiences
  • websites
  • web and mobile application
  • projection mapping
  • sound design
  • logotypes
  • illustrations
  • murals
Featured Artist

David Cofre

XBureau is proud to present the works of Chilean artist David Cofre

With a solid background in drawing, David Cofre started his artistic career painting with enamels on large format. His works feature an intense color and dynamic energy combined with the human figure, abstraction and expressionism.


Ingram Micro Lobby Installation

The Ingram Micro lobby installation is an interactive experience consisting of a podium with a hand tracking device that allows users to direct a story projected on a large screen.


Projection Mapping

XBureau projection mapping is an exploration of the use of multiple projectors over an irregular surface, all run by a combination of custom applications.

iPad App


MathBu is an interactive learning iPad application based on the principles of the Cuisenaire rods. Each rod represents a numerical value, and math operations can be done by aligning the rods and comparing the lengths.

iPad App

Autumn Gem

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Creative Direction

XBureau Branding

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